Justin Timberlake Confirmed For The Super Bowl Halftime Show


UPDATED on October 23, 2017:

Justin Timberlake is now confirmed to perform at the 52nd Super Bowl Halftime Show in Minneapolis on Sunday, February 4, 2018. Timberlake shared the exciting news in the following video that also features his all-time BFF, Jimmy Fallon. The show will be directed by Hamish Hamilton who's already worked on a couple of Super Bowls.

Original article below:

Rumor has it that Justin Timberlake is "finalizing" his deal to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 4, 2018, according to an unnamed source cited by US Weekly.

Although nothing's set in stone yet – NFL's statement to Entertainment Weekly claims "no decisions have been made on the performer(s)" – the internet is already buzzing over the news, partly because it would actually be exciting to see JT bring his sexy back to Super Bowl, but also because of the infamous 'nipplegate' scandal with Janet Jackson.

(Photo: Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images)

Those who need a memory refresher, here goes: Justin and Janet were rocking the stage at the 2004 Halftime Show in Houston, Texas, when an unfortunate 'wardrobe malfunction' exposed Jackson's pierced nipple.

The event was widely discussed by the media with some claiming it was all a marketing stunt, and has lead to a heated debate over "indecency in broadcasting." CBS was slammed with a $550,000 fine (it was later voided) and the Federal Communications Commission implemented a new policy that forces a five-second broadcast delay during live performances.

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Following the controversy, Janet Jackson's singles and music videos were blocked by radio companies and various entertainment companies, including Viacom (owner of MTV, VH1, CBS). She was disinvited from that year's Grammy Awards while Justin was allowed to perform, and she's still on NFL's 'blacklist' when it comes to Super Bowl halftime shows.

The ban has obviously had a negative impact on Jackson's career pushing her out of the charts and out of the minds the public while Timberlake continued to rise to success. And that is what many are so angry about following the news of next year's event.

People took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with many claiming that, if confirmed, Timberlake should at least bring Jackson on stage and apologize to her publicly. What are your thoughts?