Jordan Peele Explains Why 'Get Out' Can Be Considered A Christmas Movie


Christmas may have passed but there's still plenty of reasons to kick back and enjoy a good holiday movie – old-timey classics like Home Alone, Love Actually, Harry PotterDie Hard (yes, yes it is!), In Bruges, etc. are a no-brainer, but what about some more recent productions? Well, Jordan Peele has a surprise for you.

According to the director, his 2017 cinematic hit Get Out could technically be considered a Christmas movie. Asked about it on Twitter, Peele said: "Let’s see... there’s a man with a white beard, multiple deer, a fire place, a bunch of snowflakes, and a guy named Chris goes down a dark hole! I’d say go for it!"

To be fair, Get Out is kind of hard to pin down – juggling elements of horror, thriller, drama and comedy, the movie has been referred to as "documentary" by the director himself and will compete in the Comedy/Musical category at the Golden Globes.

So... go figure.