John Boyega Debunks Fan Theory About His Fate In 'The Last Jedi'


It's not long now until The Last Jedi will be sending Star Wars fans into overdrive, so naturally, there are plenty of fan theories out there surrounding the fates of cast members like Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron. Sadly for those who were behind the idea that Finn may, in fact, be a Jedi, actor John Boyega has shot down the theory saying that the Star Wars universe has other plans for him. 

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Speaking to Digital Spy about the prospect of Finn feeling the Force, Boyega said: 

"Would I like to be a Jedi? I think it would be more interesting if they had more than one person be a Jedi – but I think that that is the one of the unspoken laws of Star Wars. They only have one who has to go away and train. … 

I hope it takes an interesting turn; not in terms of being a Jedi, but there are loads more stronger characters in the Star Wars universe that can go up against Jedi and they don’t necessarily have to be a Jedi. 

I would like to explore that more; the whole Boba Fett vibe. I would like to explore that for Finn, but who knows?"

So while it remains to be seen whether Rey will actually join the light or dark side, it looks like Finn won't be wielding a lightsaber again anytime soon. Instead, if the trailer is anything to go by he'll be taking the fight to his old employers the First Order. Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be in cinemas from December 15, 2017.