Joanne The Scammer Is Getting Her Very Own Series


Fur-wearing, hair-flipping internet phenom Joanne The Scammer is getting her very own series. Soon, the messy, messy girl who lives for drama will be able to divulge all of her caucasian ordeals with us on our small screens. 

The news began floating around earlier this year back in July when rumors surfaced that Joanne would be getting her own Netflix series. While it won't be a Netflix-produced venture, Joanne will be getting a show with entertainment company Super Deluxe which is owned by Time Warner Cable. 

Joanne has been making videos with Super Deluxe for just around 2 years now after being spotted by their former social media manager. In a bid to venture from internet-only content to television, Super Deluxe is giving Joanne her very own half-hour show. The series will be written by Parks and Recreation writer Joe Mande and executive produced by Chelsea Peretti.

The show doesn't have a network behind it just yet, but it will revolve around Joanne's shenanigans as a disillusioned lady runnign around in a tattered wig. 

Joanne is played by Florida-born comedian Brandon Miller whose life took a real turn after debuting Joanne in December of 2015.

Miller divulges much of his inspiration for Joanne in a Vice documentary, explaining he was adopted and raised in a white but ran away when he found out. His venture found him in Texas working in porn until he decided to expand on Joanne and found unexpected success. 

Since then, he's received a huge amount of exposure, acquiring nearly 2 million Instagram followers in the 2 year period, rubbing elbows with Hollywood It girls and creating countless videos to add to his portfolio of unconventional work.

Now, we'll get to see Joanne's messiness played out in series form on television. This is what she'd describe as absolutely and without a shadow of a doubt, iconic.