Rapper Remixes Ed Sheeran's 'Shape Of You' Into A Powerful LGBTQ Anthem

In celebration of Pride Month, 20-year-old Nigerian-American rapper/songwriter Jane Oranika, aka Chika, remixed Ed Sheeran's hit, "Shape of You," from a tune about finding love in a bar into an unofficial LGBTQ Pride Month anthem calling for acceptance and love.

Over "Shape of You's" upbeat track, Chika rhymes about self-love and encourages those in the LGBTQ community to live out in the open:

I will not be ashamed / This is just who I am, who I was meant to be / Right here I stand / I'm out on my own two feet / No, you will not tear me down / No my heart will not be bound / Sing it loud, sing it loud, I'm proud.

The Alabama rapper tweeted a snippet of her LGBTQ-friendly remix, called "Proud," and it's going viral.

No word yet on whether Sheeran has heard "Proud," but we're pretty certain he'd be blown away. Chika told the Huffington Post her love for the LGBTQ community inspired her to rework the original song. 

"I just wanted to incorporate this part of my life into my music & inspire others. I want to use my music to talk about social issues, so I’ll definitely do more things like this. I think it’s needed.

I just want to prove that you can make a good song and still have a solid subject matter."

Listen to the entire song below:

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