The Tireless James Franco Has (Another) New Project: The Pretenders

The Hollywood Reporter has some great news: the unstoppable and inexhaustible James Franco, who is already working on an adaptation of the novel The Game, a remake of a famous American made-for-TV movie, a biopic on a gay porn producer, and a science fiction movie, has a new project: he’s going to direct The Pretenders, based on a screenplay by Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars).


The film takes place in 1980s New York and focuses on the friendship between two students who fall in love with the same girl.

The love triangle’s cast features the pretty Jane Levy (Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe), who will turn the heads of Jack Kilmer (seen in Palo Alto and most recently in Nice Guys), and singer Shameik Moore. Since appearing in Dope and The Get Down, where he was particularly convincing in the role of Shaolin Fantastic, it seems that Shameik Moore is hoping to continue steering his career towards film.

The project, now under the dauntless James Franco’s watchful eye, has been languishing since 2013 because its cast had not yet been decided. But it seems the project is finally on the right track, especially considering the insane energy of its actor-director.

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