Here's Why Issa Rae's #ShortFilmSundays Are So Important

Issa Rae is the fairy godmother black creatives need, given her penchant for celebrating diversity on television, while actively pushing for more.

In a world that doesn’t always value, respect, and understand black people, we need a space where we don’t have to worry about being labeled unjustly. A space where our interests, issues and realities are highlighted and not used as a gimmick or sensationalized. One of the many ways Issa Rae champions this is with #ShortFilmSundays.

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#ShortFilmSundays is a series on Issa's YouTube channel which spotlights a short film from a new black creator every month, giving them a voice and a space to express their creativity. Each short film touches on various black experiences, which is important for black millennials everywhere to witness.

Speaking to MTV about why this is so important to her, Issa said:

"It was about creating a pipeline for writers of color so we can take a chance on this writer of color.

The fabric of our society is being able to come together and have conversations that are inclusive and varied. It breaks up the monotony of the same voice and perspective constantly."

#ShortFilmSundays has returned this month with an anthological short film series, We Are. The series offers a glimpse into the lives of seven women of color as they navigate their way through friendships, self-doubt, and quarter-life crises. The filmmaker B.B Araya while describing the series said:

"We’re currently witnessing a resurgence of nuanced stories being told on several platforms for and by people of color. As young creatives, we are eager to contribute out story, but we cannot do it without your help."

New episodes will premiere every Sunday, exclusively on YouTube, and we are definitely already glued!

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