Issa Rae Has Two New Shows In The Works And We're Excited AF


That Issa reign just won't let up!! We've said several times before that Issa Rae is the fairy godmother black creatives need, given her penchant for celebrating diversity on television, while actively pushing for more. Issa's ever-growing empire is taking not one but two more steps forward with new shows Him Or Her and Sweet Life which we really can't contain our excitement about!

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The comedy Him or Her is produced by Issa Rae and written by Emmy-winner Travon Free. Him or Her is a single-camera, half-hour series which tells a story about the hectic dating life of a bisexual African-American, and all of the interesting people that he encounters in his search for love. 

The drama Sweet Life is set in the "black Beverly Hills" and follows some affluent black teenagers growing up in the LA neighborhood - this sounds like the show she pitched to The New Yorker is coming to life! Sweet Life is co-created by Scandal producer Raamla Mohamed and will be co-written by her and Issa Rae. 

We know we'll love these shows because it's Issa, but more importantly because in a world that doesn’t always value and understands black people, we need a space where we don’t have to worry about being labeled unjustly or used as a gimmick! 

There’s no word on when we can expect the shows to drop, however, we really can’t wait to see the finished products! TV in 2018 is about to be lit!!

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