This Instagram Account Scopes Out The Best Food From 'The Simpsons'


Life for The Simpsons isn't all about Homer's favorite donuts and Bart's Krusty burgers. The series is actually chock full of culinary moments that would make Aziz Ansari and his Italian saga in Master of None seethe with envy. 

Well, it all depends on your perspective. To give the family from Springfield the culinary attention they deserve, this Instagram account is dedicated to scoping out the best dishes featured in the series.

"Springfield Cuisine: Dedicated to the finest dishes that The Simpsons has to offer," says the account, and they focus on the early seasons. Among the dishes, you'll find microwave hotdogs, horse testicles, bologna and mustard sandwiches, and delightful school lunches. 

And to be honest, Marge's pancakes, birthday cakes and roast beef look pretty tasty.

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