Hunter S. Thompson's Acid Trips Are Being Turned Into A TV Series

Hunter S. Thompson spent much of his career whacked-out on a medley of drugs – including cocaine, rum, tobacco, cannabis, mescaline, whiskey, beer, acid, tequila, pills and sometimes raw ether. His antics were so intense, it went on to inspired films like Where the Buffalo Roam and The Rum Diary.

But MGM Television now wants to make the first "authorized" documentary series about the "gonzo" journalists day-to-day life, which will no doubt be just a chronicle of bad acid trips and hangovers.

Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream (Photo: Paul Harris/Liaison via Getty Images)

The biography project will be titled "Fear and Loathing" after Thompson's famed 1971 book, which was first published as a two-part article in Rolling Stone magazine. It forms part of an overall deal that MGM Studios has signed with American screenwriter Davey Holmes, known for such shows as Get Shorty, Shameless and Pushing Daisies.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, he said: "After resisting overall deals for years, I couldn't be more excited or proud to be embracing this one."

Holmes describes it a "partnership with a studio that makes some of the most exciting television out there," citing "intelligence and daring creativity" as their main selling point. 

While it is still unclear what areas of the Thompson-archive the series will focus on, producers of the show will have a wealth of captivating material to chose from.

The late author pioneered "gonzo" journalism, writing drug-fuelled stories about his time in Las Vegas, the Honolulu Marathon, as well as his adventures with the Hells Angels and Richard Nixon. He committed suicide at his home in Colorado in 2005.

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