Hodor Is a Junk-Peddling 'Biopunk' In This Dystopian British Sci-Fi Short

Kristian Nairn (you might know him better as Hodor from Game of Thrones) was last seen on-screen fending off white-walkers for a rather unappreciative Bran Stark. But this week, the Northern Irish actor made a triumphant return – this time as a market stall-holder living in a post-apocalyptic London selling junk to its only living survivors.

His name is Bob (Image: Liam Garvo / Dresden Pictures)

Biopunk is a new sci-fi short, set in the year 2054, from writer and director Liam Garvo (The Fitzroy) and his production studio Dresden Pictures. It has been 30 years since a virus wiped-out half the world's population and the British capital has turned into a wasteland filled with shady 'Fallout-like' characters peddling scrap metal.

Amid the chaos, however, one woman is determined to stay strong for her much younger brother, that is until he is abducted by two ominous masked-men.

"Set in a dystopian London in 2054," its description reads, "corporate gene hacking has gone terribly wrong, [killing] billions of people while mutating others into something other than human."

The film features Katie Sheridan as Resha, Charlie Jones as Edwin, Benjamin Tuttlebee as Kio, Robert Nairne as the Preacher and Kristian Nairn as Bob. It serves as a conceptual project, which aims to one-day become a full feature-length, produced by James Heath with a screenplay from Andrew Harmer.

Since its YouTube debut this week on Dust, a multi-platform channel showcasing "binge-watchable Sci-fi", viewers are already requesting a part two. Follow its progress here.

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