Some Hero Watched One 'LOTR' Movie 361 Times On Netflix In 2017

As the end of the year approaches, Netflix has been drawing up its yearly stats to inform and embarrass us with regards to our binge-watching habits.

One Canadian user, in particular, is bound to feel a little red-faced as it has emerged that they managed to watch Lord of the Rings: Return of the King a pretty incredible 361 times. Stretching to a whopping three hours and 20 minutes, Peter Jackson's 2003 movie is apparently really doing it for someone out there.

Return of the King. (Photo: New Line Productions)

While the eager LOTR fan has yet to come forward, we have a LOT of questions we'd like answered.

Did the elusive Canadian really watch the entire film each time or did they just use it as soothing background noise? Are they perhaps preparing a thesis on the movie or some kind of parody clip? Is this a yearly occurrence? Have they at least seen the other Lord of the Rings movies?!

No matter, because, believe or not, this wasn't even the biggest record of the year. Apparently one Netflix user watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie The Curse of the Black Pearl for a total of 365 days in a row.

That's two hours and 23 minutes spent on board with Jack Sparrow and the crew every single day of the year. The figures are even more impressive when you consider that, according to Forbesthe average user only watched 60 films on Netflix across the entire year. Amateurs. 

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