Listen: Heavy Metal Band Releases Cover Album Of Famous Disney Songs

Walt Disney Records may have found a way to please all kinds of music aficionados. A new cover album by metal musicians allows listeners to rediscover Disney anthems in a completely different light.

Believe it or not, D-METAL STARS' versions of "A Whole New World" and "Beauty And The Beast" feature heavy guitars and ferocious drumming. In any case, it has already made Japanese fans lose their minds.

An album requested by the fans for years

To begin with, D-METAL STARS arise from Animetal USA, which consists of English-language heavy metal covers of Anime Theme Songs such as "Dragon Ball."  It is thanks to their success and public demand that a spin-off based on Disney tunes came into being.

Line-up of "Metal Disney" contains only established rock musicians. Just by looking at their prestigious background, it doesn’t take long to realize they are more than qualified for the job.

Singer Michael Vescera, for instance, appeared behind the microphone of guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen. Rudy Sarzo, for his part, played bass guitar for "the godfather of heavy metal," Ozzy Osbourne. Not to mention the accomplishments of remaining members John Bruno and BJ Zampa.


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Disney songs as you've probably never heard before

Not one classic from the wide Disney repertoire appears to be missing. Tracklist covers every hit from movies like "Hercules," "Aladdin," "Little Mermaid" and "Lion King" to "Pinocchio," "Mary Poppins" and "Winnie The Pooh."

The band definitely masters the art of heavy metal, giving the songs a new dimension and an unprecedented intensity. Once immersed into the album, it becomes hard for any listener to avoid headbanging.

The force of the record lies in the fact that it concerns everyone, no matter if you have a taste for alternative culture or not.

Mixing heavy metal with other genres always ends up spectacular

Available stateside since March 31st, "Metal Disney" was initially reserved for the Japanese market. The Land of the Rising Sun gave the album a warm welcome, as it reached #3 in the hard rock/metal charts and #2 on the children charts.

And for those still doubting about the merits of such a marriage, remember the captivating death metal cover of "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (from Mary Poppins) by musician Andy Rehfeldt.

You can listen to "Metal Disney" on Spotify and follow the band on Facebook.

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