Hayao Miyazaki Reveals The Adorable Reason He Came Out Of Retirement

While the reopening of Studio Ghibli's doors back in August came as a first clue, the rumor of Hayao Miyazaki's return has since been officially confirmed. 

Invited to speak on Japanese TV shoe Nichiyobi Bijitsukan ("Sunday Art Gallery"), head producer and former Studio Ghibli boss Toshio Suzuki has now explained exactly why the Miyazaki is set to come out of retirement. And the answer is pretty stinking cute.

Hayao Miyazaki (Photo: Studio Ghibli)

As Suzuki explained: "[Miyazaki] said, 'I’m making it for my grandson,' before going to say Miyazaki's grandson might say to himself: 'Grandpa passed into the next world, but he left this work.'" He then joked:

"No doubt Ghibli fans are looking at the TV, blurting, 'Hey! Wait a second. That’s the reason?!'"

Following eleven full-length features, the latest of which was nominated for an Oscar, and almost forty years of filmmaking, Hayao Miyazaki has promised to leave behind something that his grandson – and everyone else – will enjoy. 

No further details have been given about the project for the moment but rumors have it that it could be a full-length version of the short feature, Boro the Caterpillar. The film is expected to be released before the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Sit tight.