Gorillaz And Klaxons Members Form A Supergroup, Announce First Show

Jamie Reynolds of the UK funk-punk band Klaxons has teamed up with two members of Gorillaz – guitarist Jeff Wootton and bass player Seye Adelekan – to form a new supergroup. The band is called Youth Of The Apocalypse, and they've just announced their debut gig.

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Joining Klaxons' Reynolds and the two Gorillaz will be drummer Jay Sharrock, DJ Twiggy Garcia and New York rapper Young Lazarus.

That unorthodox lineup hints at some intriguing possibilities as to what the band may sound like. Based on much of Gorillaz' discography, an alt-rock/hip-hop hybrid is likely what they're going for.

Youth Of The Apocalypse officially confirmed their existence and announced their upcoming debut show with a social media blast via their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The six-piece group is playing a surprise set at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK this Friday night.

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Last fall, Jamie Reynolds and Jeff Wootton talked with NME, and teased that they had been working on new music together. Wootton is quoted as saying:

“We’re taking different backgrounds and cultures and trying to push music forward...It’s a perfect time now with what’s going on in the world and everything else.

Me and Jamie have great chemistry together and it’s really magical. It’s very fast. You think of great bands like The Smiths and it’s always fast.

This has certainly been like that. It feels like something’s bubbling.”

Well whatever was bubbling has officially emerged as Youth Of The Apocalypse. We haven't heard any music from them as of yet, but hopefully video from their Great Escape performance will surface soon to give us a little taste of what they sound like.

Stay tuned for news of more shows and/or any record release announcements. In the meantime, listen to Gorillaz' excellent collaboration with Pusha T and Mavis Staples "Let Me Out" below:

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