These GoPro-Wearing Parkour Artists Recreated Mirror's Edge

Source: Claudiu Voici via YouTube

Source: Claudiu Voici via YouTube

Mirror's Edge is one of those games that seems plausible enough. Sure, no one in the real world has Faith's endurance or ability to never screw up, but most of the individual tricks she pulls off look possible.

Claudiu Voicu has set out to prove that with a video of parkour artists reenacting the game. They've added some effects, like bright primary colors and motion blur on the edge of the screen, to make the homage a little more obvious. And of course, there's that distinctive red glove.

Voicu directed, produced and largely choreographed the piece — he also makes a cameo as one of the bad guys — but four different parkour artists made the first-person action possible.

You can learn more about the making of at Voicu's blog post about the video.

He signs off by asking: "So next up… Assassin’s Creed?"