Here Are The 50 Most Divisive Films Of The 21st Century

An exclusive data analysis from Gizmodo has waded through almost 10,000 movies to reveal the most divisive films of this century. Using data from Metacritic, the site has made a ranking of the movies that caused the most debate among critics, with the help of a special scoring system.

As such, each film has been given a score out of 100 based on Metacritic's five-star scale and details taken from over 190,000 reviews; the more divisive a movie is, the higher its score and vice versa. 

50 films that divided the critics...

Some films were met with contradictory results through sheer audacity or provocation. Others seem to have people stuck on the fence somewhere between genius and bullshit. 

Topping the list is Lars von Trier's Melancholia, with some critics giving it five stars and others just one. Proof of the Danish director's controversiality, Nymphomaniac also appears in 17th position just behind Darren Aronofsky's recent release Mother! 

Basically, it's the ultimate proof that you probably shouldn't always listen to the critics.

… and 30 films that the critics loved

On the other hand, a bunch of other films were met with unanimous praise across the board, such as Richard Linklater's sublime Boyhood and Barry Jenkins' Oscar-winning Moonlight