'Get Out' Has Been Ranked The 'Best Movie Of 2017' On Rotten Tomatoes

Get Out is easily one of the most socially conscious movies that came out this year, and probably ever! Even though it was released in February, it has remained an integral part of pop culture conversation throughout the year, and it is no wonder that in Rotten Tomatoes' list of the 20 best films in 2017, Get Out was ranked as number 1!

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In this woke world, the dark satire is very fitting, as it calls out social injustices in the most ruthless yet subtle way possible. Jordan Peele did a great job in this directorial debut and beyond the message in the film being received perfectly well, the movie has seen massive commercial success - it was even named the most profitable film this year so far. Given all of this success, it is possible that a sequel might be on the way, which will, for sure, be epic! 

Rotten Tomatoes ranked the best movies of 2017 by their Tomatometer scores, which aggregates the scores by measuring the number of people who gave the films positive reviews. The scores were based on the number of reviews each title received, and films with fewer than 40 reviews were excluded from the list. 

Get Out came out with 99% positive reviews, and beat the likes of Wonder Woman, Logan, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and The Lego Batman Movie and more. A movie by a black man which calls out white bad behavior beat other white films? Yass! 

Here's to more wins for the black community! 

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