'Get Out' Will Compete As A Comedy At The Golden Globes

Get Out came as a breakout directorial debut for longtime comedian Jordan Peele, quickly earning its place as the most profitable movie of the year. With award season just around the corner, however, it appears critics are looking to misconstrue the horror/thriller blockbuster's focus.

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the Daniel Kaluuya-starred film will compete at the Golden Globes under the Comedy category, leaving many to wonder how exactly a film about slavery got funneled in.

(Screenshot: Get Out / Blumhouse Productions / Monkey Paw Productions)

Even the very actor that provides the movies minimal (yet superbly on point) comedic relief, Lil Rel, took to Twitter to question the decision, writing, "There is nothing funny about racism... Was it that unrealistic lol."

Jordan Peele himself even got in on the conversation, using some comedic commentary to label the film a "documentary." 

The decision has seemingly further complicated things for the stars of the film. Kaluuya, who plays the main role of Chris, will now likely square off against comedy/musical contenders Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman), James Franco (The Disaster Artist) and Steve Carell (Battle of the Sexes). 

Worth noting, the Globes doesn't actually have a horror/thriller category for the film to compete in and its creators submitted the film themselves into the Comedy/ Musical category– only other option would be drama. However, it is understandable how the label of 'comedy' against a film with such dark notions of racism and slavery just feels a tad disconcerting.

Nominations for the 75th Golden Globe Awards will be announced Monday, Dec. 11, with the awards set to air on Sunday, Jan. 7 on NBC. In the meantime, peep Twitter's confusion, and reasonings behind the categorization, below.