Game Of Thrones' Final Season Granted Biggest Budget Per Episode Ever

Set to kick off this October, filming of Game of Thrones' final season is set to stretch over nine long months. While we won't be getting our eyes on it until at least the end of 2018 at best, we do know how much the highly anticipated installment is going to cost. 

Hint: it's a shit load of money which, if used wisely, is going to go towards making one hell of a conclusion for the series. 

(Photo: HBO)

Between the first and seventh season, the fantasy show's budget has doubled going from around $5 to $10 million per episode.

And that's not counting allowances made for episodes containing some of the series' most spectacular sequences, such as "Battle of the Bastards" which was given an extra budget bonus of $2 million. 

Going out on a high note, GoT will have tripled its initial budget by the end of the series with a tidy $15 million to be granted to every episode!!!

Divided into six installments, this will also be the show's shortest ever season overall. However, the episodes are set to be longer than ever – up to 80 minutes each if we can believe the rumors. 

With this colossal new budget, GoT will become the most expensive show in the history of television, beating The Get Down ($11 million per episode before its cancellation) and The Crown ($13 million per episode). 

Considering the star's biggest names are also reported to be earning up to $2 million per episode, Game of Thrones has a lot of money to earn back next season. We're guessing they'll be alright, though...