'Game Of Thrones' Fifth Spin-Off Project Is Officially In Development

With Game of Thrones' season seven drawing to a close a few weeks back, the fantasy series is setting about announcing its future offspring. As Variety and Entertainment Weekly have confirmed the show will now be getting not one, not two, not.... alright, it's getting a total of five spin-offs. 

And as George R.R. Martin himself has revealed, the fifth project will be – like all the others on the cards – a prequel, the events of which will unfold before those of the fantasy series. Sadly, this means there's very little chance of seeing the show's current cast again following the end of season eight. 

(Photo: HBO)

The author's saga also took the opportunity to shut down a few rumors about the fifth spin-off. We now know that the show won't be based around Ser Duncan the Tall and Aegon the Unlikely (Dunk and Egg, to their closest pals), as we suspected. Same goes for Robert Baratheon's rebellion. 

The publications also announced that a showrunner for project no.5 has already been named: Bryan Cogman. While you may not recognized the name, Bryan has actually been working under D.B. Weiss and David Benioff since season one. 

Weiss and Benioff, on the other hand, will not be taking part in the new project. But don't worry because the new showrunner will be working in close collaboration with George R.R. Martin. Promising stuff.