Game Of Thrones' $1.4 Million Castle Nears Completion

For the past few weeks, residents of Belfast have been intrigued by giant construction works taking place near the city's docks – and with good reason. As the Sun reports, a castle, complete with turrets and ramparts, is starting to take shape in the Northern Irish capital's Titanic Quarter.

Like something out of the Middle Ages, this isn't the work of a bored millionaire or part of an elaborate medieval festival, but rather a giant set piece for Game of Thrones' eighth and final season.

While the fortress itself doesn't tell us much about the last ever chapter of the show, it does seem to promise an insane, battle-filled finale. As it goes, the building's facade does look quite similar to Winterfell, but it's also possible that this is an entirely new castle that's never been featured in the show.

The project, which has apparently cost almost £1 million (around $1.4 million), is the most expensive of its kind ever to take place in Northern Ireland. 

Production has dedicated five months to the building work, which is now in its final stages. Multiple photos of the castle under construction have leaked across the web, giving us a little preview of the gargantuan structure. It's not quite as good as a trailer but the folks at HBO sure know how to excite our curiosity. As a reminder, season eight is expected to drop in 2019