Frank Ocean's New Album Has An (Unofficial) Release Date

The New York Times reports that Frank Ocean's sophomore album, Boys Don't Cry, will drop this Friday. After much delay and anticipation (because we're all thirsty af), an anonymous source has told the NYT the album will stream exclusively on Apple Music for two weeks starting August 5.

NYT reports, via “a person with knowledge of the release plans,” that a video and “printed publication” with the same title will be released along with the album:

"Mr. Ocean’s album is expected to remain exclusive to Apple for only two weeks before becoming more widely available, according to that person, who was not authorized to discuss the release plans and therefore spoke on condition of anonymity.

But it is another coup for Apple, which has struck a series of deals with artists including Drake, Future, Chance the Rapper and the band the 1975, that have each given the company’s streaming service an early lock on a hot new record."


The album was expected to drop sometime in July (it's August 2) after Ocean teased so, but all we got was a mysterious live stream of people cutting wood to his otherwise dormant website yesterday. This, after four abstinent years since Ocean's highly praised debut Channel Orange back in 2012. The people have waited long enough!


So, it seems like our long nightmare might be over, but of course, we've been waiting so long for this album that it’s essentially turned into a cruel joke. We won’t truly be confident in this (unofficial) release date until we hear the music for ourselves. This has, however, been the most solid confirmation yet - so there's hope after all.

We won't hold our breath, but might our wishes finally be granted after months (and years) of toying with our emotions? We'll have to wait until Friday to know for sure.

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