Frank Ocean Teases His Own 'Grand Theft Auto' Radio Station

Usually pretty stingy with his announcements, Frank Ocean has been quite talkative of late. Just two weeks after hinting that his new album was already finished, the singer has now implied that he's set to get his very own radio station as part of a new update of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Taking to his trusty Tumblr on December 11, Frank shared an image that appears to be taken from the video game in which we can see a radio station called 'blonded Los Santos 97.7 FM' play the song "Crack Rock", from the Californian's first album Channel Orange

(Image: Tumblr/Frank Ocean)

According to Pitchfork's best guesswork, this means Frank will have his own dedicated radio station in the multi-player game's Doomsday Heist expansion pack, which Rockstar Games plans to release very shortly.

If the rumors are true, Frank Ocean will join the long list of artists who have participated towards the GTA soundtrack over the years, including Flying Lotus, Twin Shadow, Gilles Peterson, Soulwax, The Alchemist and even Cara Delevingne. Check out the Doomsday Heist official trailer just below.

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