5 Creepy Festive Horror Films To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit


More and more people are losing faith in Christmas. No matter how many times we see Elf on TV, there is no denying that the holidays have become a tortuous chore. For the growing number of non-believers and holiday Scrooges, some movies are promising to scare the Christmas spirit back into your ungrateful souls.

Here are some of our favorites.

The naked zombie Santas of Rare Exports (Photograph: Mika Orasmaa/Cinet)

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

This first festive horror is about a group of local Finnish reindeer herders who unearth a chilling Christmas secret in the depths of the Korvatuturi mountains, the largest burial mound in the world. "A film for those who think they don't believe in Santa Claus," the description reads.

The Jalmari Helander-directed horror features a menacing and rather feral Santa Claus, who goes around killing reindeer, murdering children and just generally causing a bloody ruckus.

It's based on an award-winning short from Helander that had already gained a cult following online.


This warped thriller tells the Alpine folklore of Krampus, a horned demon who comes to town to punish the children who have lost their belief in Christmas.

The Michael Dougherty-directed film is set in a Wintery dystopia, where Krampus and his companions ransack the former suburban houses and leave children for dead.

A demonic jack in the box, some gun-touting gingerbread men and a couple of blood-thirsty elf foot soldiers make this film an instant horror classic.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

The premise: A serial killer dresses up as Santa Claus and embarks on a murderous rampage through a new town each year to punish those who have been bad.

It's something of a Christmas rendition of Rob Zombie's Halloween – with a rather festive Michael Myers – and has an essence of Bryan Bertino's The Strangers.

It's also a remake of a 1984 film of the same name.

Black Christmas

Horror was way scarier long before visual aids like 3D overtook a good narrative, and Black Christmas is the perfect reminder.

Directed by Bob Clark, Black Christmas (1974) is an independent psychological slasher film which is said to be the inspiration behind the Halloween franchise.

Police go on a manhunt for a killer after a 13-year-old girl is found dead in a park, and a sorority house begins getting strange phone calls from a deranged maniac. It also deals with some controversial and ahead-of-its-time issues around abortion. And the whole thing is on YouTube.

Nightmare Before Christmas

One of Tim Burton's most iconic films, this claymation tribute to Christmas used to scare the shit out of me when I was younger.

It tells the harrowing story of Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween town, as he tries to make sense of a newly-discovered Christmas Town. But you probably already knew that, so Merry Christmas.