Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard Responds To Model's Apology Over "Gross" Comments

Since its release on October 27, Stranger Things has dominated the headlines. Not just thanks to its stellar storyline or its intense levels of 80s nostalgia, but because of the increasing sexualization of its young stars. 

While fans were obviously thrilled by the *spoiler alert* reunion between Mike and Eleven, the cast of kids have been thrust into the spotlight and some have become the subject of creepy comments from fans and celebrities alike. 

One fashion model, Ali Michael was forced to apologize after she commented on her Snapchat:

"Not to be weird but hit me up in 4 years @finnwolfhardofficial”.

This comes after Sadie Sink, who plays Max in season two, revealed that the kiss between her character and Lucas was unscripted. While she's since said she never objected, it's still a scary prospect for a fifteen-year-old to encounter in what should be a safe work environment. 

When asked about Michael's comment by TMZ Wolfhard said, “Oh, that was nuts. That was gross.”
He said however that it was good she apologized. 

The Stranger Things cast aren't the first teen actors to be sexualized at a young age, but in a time when the practices of the entertainment industry are in the spotlight, it's vital that they're allowed to have a semblance of a childhood. 

Also, it's positive that a woman was called out for inappropriate behavior, since had it been a 27-year-old man saying this about Millie Bobby Brown, there would be a huge furor. 

You can binge watch season two of Stranger Things on Netflix right now.