Fans Create A Carrie Fisher Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

To this day, Hollywood Walk of Fame has more than 2,500 stars honoring talented musicians, actors, producers, and, for whatever reason, Donald Trump... However, unanimously beloved actress Carrie Fisher, who passed away this Tuesday, December 27, didn't have her life and career immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard.

That is until now.

A group of dedicated fans decided to pay tribute to the late Star Wars actress by turning a blank star into a makeshift Carrie Fisher memorial.

Shared widely on social media, the fan made star is adorned with flowers, candles, a lightsaber and cinnamon rolls mimicking the iconic Princess Leia hairstyle. The inscription reads: "Carrie Fisher May the Force Be With You Always," and "Hope."

A passerby was quoted telling The Los Angeles Times:

"I can’t believe it. I really thought she had a star. I mean, that’s not fair, because she’s an icon. Without Princess Leia, there’s no Star Wars. It’s like Harry Potter [with] no Hermione."

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is said to draw 10 million visitors every year. The process to get one of those five-pointed stars isn't a tough one but includes come hard cash – a person needs to be nominated by someone else, and then pay $30,000 to cover maintenance and ceremony fees.

According to Ana Martinez, who oversees the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she's never seen a nomination for Carrie Fisher, and that maybe the actress didn't want one.

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A similar impromptu Hollywood Walk of Fame star was created for the late pop singer George Michael earlier this week.

Michael, who was only 53 years old, passed away in his home on December 25. No details about his death have been confirmed, the police described it as "unexplained but not suspicious."

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