Drake Has A Secret Birkin Bag Collection For His Future Wife

Just when we thought Drake couldn't be anymore comically soft and distressingly loveable, the rapper reveals he's been collecting Hermes Birkin bags for a special someone. Without giving away any details, he  tells The Hollywood Reporter they're for "the woman I end up with."

Drake collecting bags for a bae isn't really headline-making news, but what's interesting is social media's response to the revelation.

Some people have managed to find the flaws in collecting expensive handbags for a love interest, citing issues with whether or not Hermes will be her style and what if she likes Louie Vuitton instead. But ya'll come on. Truth be told, all this is leading me to ask is 'what has your MCM done for you lately? 

First of all, Hermès’s Birkin bags can cost anywhere from $9,000 to $380,000 at retails and have been famously regarded as a better investment than gold. When it comes down to it, it simply sounds like Drake is using his massive bank account for a valuable investment that will likely benefit himself and his future wifey– proof: Birkin bags are cute, honey, especially this orange joint. 

Of course, there are other fan theories about Drake's bag collection: