Don't Kill Mia: The Cocaine in the Streets of Amsterdam is Not What it Seems

You're in Amsterdam with your pals and want to have fun. After all the Netherlands are more famous for their red light district and drug use than for Van Gogh. You buy some cocaine from a random drug dealer in the streets, go to the toilets of a club to do your little business, you're excited, but weirdly it does not feel like cocaine at all... the next thing you'll remember might be waking up in a hospital bed with tons of tubes linked to your body. Or just absolutely nothing, cause you'll be dead. As dead as O-Ren.


In October 2014, a 22-year old British tourist never woke up. Following this tragic event, 17 other consumers ended up in hospital. In November, two other British men died. You might think it would never happen to you because you've had enough blow in your life to tell the difference, but it's actually impossible in this particular case. Interviewed by French website France Info, Philippe, a former drug user who's now set up a website tackling the issue declared:


By just looking at it, you cannot make the difference, even for someone who knows his stuff, because the two powders are powders going from white to beige


Of course young people don't really get a damn about drug prevention. It always happens to the others, and this last official campaign is even quite funny. You need something closer to your culture to be truly shocked.

Theo Berdrin and Yann Moszynski are both studying communications at the well known ISCOM in Paris. Currently interns for an agency in Amsterdam called Digitas LBi, they worked with Marc Selhorst on a website: Don't Kill Mia.

miaCapture d’écran 2015-03-24 à 14.48.25

There you won't see any patronizing slogans on drugs but only one of the most famous drug related scenes in film history. It shows the sublime Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) overdosing while a wasted Vincent Vega (John Travolta) has to grab a huge needle to inject an adrenaline serum straight to her heart. The OD scene is one of the most iconic moments of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. It's also one of the most stressful.

Theo and Yann are aware of this, so they created a little game offering you the possibility to rescue Mia from death. The needle is in your had, you're sweating and you have maybe two seconds to save Marcellus Wallace's wife. We failed every time time, and now Marcellus is going to butcher us.

(Capture d'écran du site Don't Kill Mia)

Screenshot Don't Kill Mia

Theo Berdrin respects the official initiatives but that most of the time they're missing their target audience. According to him, the Internet's viral potential can be key in the fight against deadly drugs. He told us:


It targets people even before they go to Amsterdam. The video and the game attract the right people and put them directly in the heart of the issue. The gamification awareness of the danger makes you understand the problem quite quickly


We're not sure it does but we know that if Mia actually does not die in the film, your life is not directed by Tarantino and your pal will probably not make it. So avoid substances sold by a stranger and go to the Van Gogh Museum instead. Tulips have not got anyone killed recently have they?

To try to save Mia, the website is right here

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