Netflix's 'Death Note' Might Get A Sequel, And Everyone's Pissed

Last Friday, Netflix released their adaptation of Death Note by director Adam Wingard. From the early stages of the project, fans of the manga by Tsugumi Ohba have been calling foul, considering Netflix's attempt to basically be sacrilege.

And indeed, the modernized, Americanized version still doesn't have hardcore fans convinced.

In the film adaptation, the story is more or less the same. A boy has a notebook that can kill any person whose name is written in its pages.

However, there are a lot of differences too, one of which is that the main character, Kira a.k.a. Light, played by Nat Wolff is a lot more naive than in the original, and ultimately pretty unconvincing.

With a very teen romance running in the background, the director decided to completely ignore the emotional manipulation and complexity that makes the manga so suspenseful, preferring to focus in on Kira's unjustified act of vengeance.

So we end up with a threatening Ryuk whom the main characters are supposed to fear, while in the original, the God of Death was much more subtle.

The problem is (and yes, it's a problem) the director has already announced that he's working on a sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter

He even said he has lots of other story lines to pursue and he knows exactly where he wants to take them, before adding: "Hopefully people will watch it and Netflix will order a sequel. They definitely are ready to. They just need people to watch it."

But based on the reactions on Twitter, we're not too sure Wingard will get his wish.

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