David Fincher Dives Into The Mind Of A Serial Killer In 'Mindhunter'

David Fincher seems to be fascinated by serial killers and how to catch them. In Se7en, Brad Pitt was trying to understand the tortuous mind of a murderer obsessed with the seven deadly sins. In Zodiac, Jake Gyllenhaal worked for several years to decipher the clues left by one of the most mysterious serial killers in American history.

In Mindhunter, the director grabs his scalpel his camera once again to dissect the diseased brain of serial killers, this time focussing on how the job of profiler came to be. The time is the early 80s and two FBI agents - played by Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany – are trying to understand the modus operandi of several murderers, coining the term “serial killer” in the process and establishing the base of the craft of profiler.

This is the real first trailer for the series (after a rather brilliant tense teaser a few months ago).

Created by Joe Penhall, the series is based on the book by John Douglas (aka best profiler ever): Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit, a book that also inspired Jack Crawford in Hannibal.

What did this super cop have the others didn’t? He simply managed to slip into the psyche of both the prey and the predator, thus unraveling many unsolved cases. This first trailer, technical and rich in dialogues, will delight Fincher fans of the Zodiac period.

We’ll have to wait until October 13 to discover the first season of Mindhunter, containing ten episodes (David Fincher directed three of them). Crime series aficionados will also be pleased to learn it has already been given a second season.

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