Cher Rumored To Make A Cameo In 'American Horror Story: Cult'

From Lady Gaga to Stevie Nicks and Adam Levine, American Horror Story is no stranger to iconic musicians making cameos, and it seems like the new season Cult will be no different.

Rumor has it the new season may feature its most epic guest to date – legendary musician Cher! While Ryan Murphy hasn't made an official announcement yet, the evidence fans have unearthed is definitely intriguing. Let's have a look at the facts: 

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To start with, last month Cher tweeted a cryptic message hinting she was working on a new project starting September, which coincidently matches the series' release date.

The claim is also supported by the fact that her son Chaz Bono portrayed Brian Wells in the sixth season of AHS and is already a confirmed member of the cast for season 7 in the role of Gary Longstreet.

Also, the complete cast of AHS: Cult went to a Cher show in Las Vegas last week, and they seemed to have a blast. Several cast members took to Instagram to reveal photos of the memorable occasion:

But before we confirm if the pop star icon will truly be featured in the series, the first reviews of the new season – which premieres on Tuesday, September 5 – are in. While the enigmatic teasers have hinted a heavy political note to the show, The Hollywood Reporter writes the series is not an attack on President Trump:

"The politically charged season of Ryan Murphy's FX anthology is not about Trump or Clinton. It really is about the cult of personality that can rise in a divisive society – and I hope that people can figure that out."