Charlie Brooker Shares Hints About 'Black Mirror' Season 4

Black Mirror sure knows how to keep us interested. A couple of months ago, Netflix dropped the first teaser unveiling the episode titles set to make up the dystopian anthology's fourth season. But sadly, it didn't really give all that much away. 

Today, show creator Charlie Brooker has cleared things up a little with a few additional details about the episode names.

Speaking to Entertainment WeeklyBrooker also reveals that each installment of this season will be "pretty different from every episode we’ve done before" – even if he can't describe how exactly at this point. 

Speaking to EWBrooker reveals that the episode "Metalhead" is:

"very unlike any episode we’ve done before. It’s a deliberately paired down and brutal tale. If you imagine every season like an album, this is like a 2-minute punk single."

"Arkangel," the episode directed by Jodie Foster, is described as an "indie drama" by Brooker who also promises it will be "classic Black Mirror". He goes on to reveal more of the plot of the episode which will be the first to be directed by a woman. He says:

"It’s about a mother and a daughter and a technological opportunity that comes along that’s seized upon." 

"USS Callister," the teaser for which has drawn obvious comparisons with Star Trek, is said to have some influence from "the outside world," Brooker explains: 

"There is stuff that has to do with regimes, you could say, that’s not there and also very much there."

"Crocodile" is described as a thriller but don't be looking for any clues in the title because, as Brooker explains:

"That title tells you nothing, in the way that Reservoir Dogs doesn’t tell you anything about Reservoir Dogs."

"Hang the DJ," directed by Tim Van Patten (Game of Thrones), is described as one of the episodes of the season that will be "more enjoyable." Described as "societal," we're hoping this will be this season's light relief à la San Junipero. 

Finally, "Black Museum" is described as a "Treehouse of Horror" episode (aka those episodes of The Simpsons containing stories within stories). Referring back to the "White Christmas" episode from season two, Brooker says the episode will contain "little nods and winks to previous stories we’ve done."

Black Mirror season four still doesn't have a precise release date but it is expected before the end of the year.