'Channel Zero' Goes Full On 'American Horror Story' With Creepy Teasers


Following the arty nightmare that was No-end house, Channel Zero will be back in 2018 for more creepypasta.

Season three, named Butcher’s Block, is gradually being unveiled via a succession of teasers, each creepier than the last. This type of promotional stunt reminds us of how season seven of American Horror Story got hyped, with a confusing and misdirecting new trailer every week.

 After a first occult trailer, season three appears to be far more violent that Candle Cove and No-End House, which focused more on illusions, childhood and imagination.

In the new teasers, however, we get torture, insects, poison, antlers-headed monsters, hanged young girls, cannibalism... In short, it looks like the neurotic and lugubrious universe of Ryan Murphy's other creation, American Horror Story, more than anything.

The plot of Butcher’s Block seems to be just as weird, sordid and therefore exciting than the previous two creepypastas. In it, we follow Alice Woods, a woman always ready to help others and more specifically her schizophrenic sister. 

The two sister have just moved in and slowly discover that the mysterious town they now live in is haunted by the memories of Rutger Hauer, a meat processing magnate who disappeared in the 50s after his daughters were murdered.

Puzzled, Alice and Zoe decide to launch their own investigation, with the help of police officer Louise, who's a fan of taxidermy.

The trio will unearth a series of disappearances, each more baffling than the other, which will force them to reassess the border between dream and reality. Creepy times ahead indeed with Channel Zero.