Chance The Rapper Goes On A Rant About Success As An Independent Artist


Chance the Rapper is without a doubt one of the biggest names in today's culture scene. Ever since his modest debut in 2011, the artist has been climbing the industry stairs at an incredible pace, dropping chart-topping albums, landing impressive collabs, and gaining recognition for humanitarian work in his hometown Chicago.

Back in 2016, Chance was offered a chance to sign with Kanye West's GOOD Music label but decided to ride the independent artist wave further, and it couldn't have worked out better for him.

Chance successfully carved out space for himself in the music industry and firmly believes other artists should too. So naturally, when a media site called his career "unrealistic," the rapper had something to say. 

(Photo: Chance the Rapper/Facebook)

On December 26, Complex published a video interview with Carl Chery, Director for Artistic Curation at Apple Music, that discussed the unique course of Chance the Rapper's career. For Chery, the artist's independent success was somewhat of "an anomaly," he said:

"He’s special. […] But the success is misleading. Now you have all these other aspiring artists thinking you don’t need a label. Chance is special, he’s charismatic, he’s smart as hell, he’s just special."

Subsequently, another music media site – DJ Booth – published an article seemingly supporting Chery's point of view, in which the author claims that Chance's success is far from being a "realistic" model for most young artists who wish to follow in his footsteps.

Not too long after sharing a link to the article on Twitter, DJ Booth got a response from Chance himself. The rapper expressed his disagreement saying: "This is wack. Yall steady tellin ppl they need a label/publisher/distributor to achieve success as an artist. Thats a lie."

According to Chance, what makes stories like his unattainable is the "conditioning all artists are exposed to by different forms of media creating the narrative that you need to be discovered or put on in order to be successful." Read their exchange below and let us know your thoughts!