Chance the Rapper & Childish Gambino Might Collaborate On An Album


Just when Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky said they might put out a tape together, another rap bromance is in the works. In a live Instagram video full of suspense, Chance the Rapper talked about a possible project with Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino.

After briefly discussing the SoundCloud situation ("SoundCloud is not going away") and his recent experience in the studio with Fetty Wap, Chance said: "Me and Donald have more songs together." Those seven words were like dropping a mini-bomb because they suggest there could be a collaborative album on the way.

If so, it would imply they'd be putting out new songs, despite Childish Gambino saying his next album would be his last. Since Chance the Rapper saved SoundCloud, perhaps he'll use the platform to unveil the new tunes.

After all, the Chicago rapper put out his latest track with Young Thug, "Big B's" exclusively on SoundCloud.

Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper have worked together several times in the past, writing tracks like "The Worst Guys," "Favorite Song," and more recently, "They Don’t Like Me." So it wouldn't be too surprising if they've got a few unreleased ones up their sleeves!

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