'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Drops Music Video For Debut Single, 'These Heaux'

UPDATED on August 31, 2017: 

Barely 24 hours after the promise of the world's next big rapping sensation was fulfilled with a snippet of Danielle Bregoli's new single, the music video for "These Heaux" has just dropped. 

Feast your eyes here: 

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The internet sensation that somehow crept into the mainstream spotlight, Danielle Bregoli, has fulfilled her self-prophecy of becoming a real-life rapper. 

If you're still confused, we're referring to the 14-year-old who rose to fame after appearing on Dr. Phil and sharing her lack of fear or intimidation to the world with a resounding message: "Cash me ousside, howbowdah?"

The infectious catchphrase won over the world, and was adapted for her debut single as a musician back in February. Following this success, Bregoli also released a merchandise range and was nominated for an MTV Movie Award — oh, and she's still set to become a millionaire by the end of the year. No big deal. 

But now, Bregoli is venturing into the genre that has always fascinated her, releasing her debut single as a rapper. She's launching her career under the pseudonym "Bhad Bhabie" (pronounced "baby", in case you're wondering) with the track "These Heaux" – and TMZ managed to reveal a snippet of the song. 

Carrying on with her, let's call it "hostile" attitude towards audiences, generally speaking, the track features recognizably Bregoli-esque lyrics such as "These hoes be lackin', see me in back and they talk hella sh*t but don't say it in person." 

With barely a foot in the door and a somewhat unconventional career path and trajectory, Bregoli/Bhad Bhabie is already proving we live in a brand new day-and-age of celebrity and artistry. Watch your step – you don't want to be the next target she writes about. 

You can listen to the snippet of "These Heaux" here: