The 'Dullest Movie Ever Made' Is An 8-Hour Slow-Mo Epic All About Sheep

Forget about Dunkirk, Star Wars, Alien, and all the other cinematic triumphs released in 2017.

Last September, an eight-hour slow-motion movie only starring sheep received a red-carpet premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.

“No sheep were harmed – or consulted – in the making of this film.” (Image: Maurício Fanfa via Flickr CC)

“No sheep were harmed – or consulted – in the making of" Baa Baa Land (Image: Maurício Fanfa via Flickr CC)

Baa Baa Land is a "contemplative epic" made by filmmakers at a US mindfulness firm known as Calm which has no plot, dialogue or human actors, described as the "dullest movie ever made".

It has no car-chases, explosions or star names. All it has it "hundreds" of sheep standing around in fields doing very little – and each shot last between 30 minutes to over an hour long.

Is it the dullest movie ever made? “We think so”, says Peter Freedman, its producer. “We hope that audiences will too.”

“Nothing happens ... for eight hours”

Like the Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones films before it, Baa Baa Land is financed with American money but made in the UK with mainly British talent from a farm in Essex, its creators write.

It serves as a homage to the films of Andy Warhol, who made an eight-hour slow-motion movie about the Empire State Building in 1964, Calm co-founder Michael Acton Smith explains.

"Many laughed at Empire but it's now considered a classic," he said.

Smith hopes viewers can "sit back, wind down and drift off" to the sheep and find peaceful calm “in a world of constant stress and information overload, of anxious days and restless nights".

Baa Baa Land will rival a 10.5-hour movie about paint drying as the dullest film ever made – the longest film is an experimental Swedish film made in 2012 which lasts 857 hours, or 35 days and 17 hours.

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