Check Out André 3000's Best Features Gathered In One Amazing Mixtape

Despite numerous rumors and his fans getting more and more impatient, André 3000 isn't back in the studio yet. It's been eleven years since Idlewild and still, the rapper hasn't produced anything, either as André 3000 or as OutKast. That's quite a gap. He opened up about it to GQ in one of his rare interviews: 

"I was still not dealing with my mom’s and my father’s deaths. And really, I don’t know if I have still. 

[…] The problem with being successful is you can do whatever you do times ten. And no one to stop you. You can easily go down the wrong path and you get into that place."

André 3000 live in Atlanta on September 10, 2016. (Photo: Paul R. Giunta/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

He hinted at a new album soon, but while we're all waiting for the return of the prodigy from Atlanta, DJ and producer Big Cats from Minneapolis decided to pay homage to his work through a mixtape.

Entitled Stacks on Stacks on Stacks – 20+ André 3000 features, this mixtape gathers a score of songs released between 1997 and 2014, and featuring the OutKast MC. It's an eclectic compilation, from Rick Ross' energetic rap on "Sixteen" to Ke$ha's superb pop, "Sleazy." Here's the tracklist:

Chris Brown – "Deuces (remix)" (2011)
Young Jeezy – "I Do" (2012)
UGK – "International Players Anthem" (2007)
John Legend – "Green Light" (2008)
Rich Boy – "Throw Some Ds (remix)" (2007)
Unk – "Walk It Out (remix)" (2007)
Ke$ha – "Sleazy" (2010)
T.I. – "Sorry" (2012)
Witchdoctor – "Dez Only 1" (1997)
Devin The Dude – "What a Job" (2007)
Big Boi – "You Ain’t No DJ" (2010)
Beyoncé – "Party" (2011)
Rick Ross – "Sixteen" (2012)
Kelis – "Millionaire" (2003)
Jay Z – "30 Something (remix)" (2007)
Goodie Mob – "Thought Process" (1995)
Big Boi – "Royal Flush" (2008)
Lil Wayne – "Interlude" (2011)
Sleepy Brown – "I Can’t Wait" (2004)
Class of 3000 – "Banana Zoo" (2007)
Goodie Mob – "Black Ice" (1998)
Dungeon Family – "Trans DF Express" (2001)
Mystikal – “Neck Uv Da Woods” (1999)
Drake – “The Real Her” (2014)
Frank Ocean – “Pink Matter” (2012)

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