Season 7 Of 'American Horror Story' Will Be About... Donald Trump's Election

After witches in Coven and vampires in Hotel, the anthology American Horror Story will apparently tackle one of the most frightening creatures of our recent years: Donald Trump.

Well, ok, not quite. To be more precise, the seventh part of the horror series will take the latest American presidential elections as its starting point.


(Image via Reddit)

This is in any case what showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed in a surprising interview. While on Watch What Happens Live to promote his new series Feud, he took the opportunity to tease the theme of his next American Horror Story episode:

"I don’t have a title yet, but the season we’re going to start shooting in June will be about the election we just went through. So I think it will be interesting for a lot of people."

No shit, Sherlock.

We know that Ryan Murphy is used to playing the supernatural card, but we wonder how close to reality this new show will be. The pretty confidential Braindead aired in the summer of 2016 proved that it was possible to combine politics and paranormal into the same storyline, though.

Watch What Happens Live is a talk show aired on American cable channel Bravo, specializing in the creation of reality shows like Real Housewives. The fact that Ryan Murphy unveils his plans for American Horror Story via this platform is quite ironic, considering that Donald Trump himself once belonged to that very reality TV universe.

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