Alicia Vikander Nails It In First Explosive Trailer For 'Tomb Raider'

Following a first teaser, dropped barely 24 hours ago, the latest Tomb Raider movie has revealed more of itself with a full-length trailer. 

Featuring jungle explosions, a precarious sea voyage and some mad stunts, it looks like Alicia Vikander is set to give Angelina Jolie a run for her money after taking over the role of Lara Croft for the reboot. 

Picking up an Oscar in 2016 for her role in The Danish Girl, the Swedish actor has gone for a bit of a change of pace as the tomb raider and adventurer. 

In the movie, the new-look Lara Croft, sick of life as an East London bike courier, sets off in search of her adventurer father's last known destination: a fabled tomb on a mythical island that might be somewhere off the coast of Japan.

Starring alongside Vikander will be Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight), Daniel Wu (Into the Badlands) and Dominic West (The Wire) in the role of Richard Croft. To top it all off, Kristin Scott Thomas is also expected to make an appearance. 

Tomb Raider is set to hit our screens on March 16, 2018

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