'Ace Ventura' Could Be Getting A Reboot


Once upon a time, a production company called Morgan Creek Productions was a major player in the cinematic universe, releasing hugely successful movies like Last of the des Mohicans, True Romance and Ace Ventura.

In fact, among the 60 films in its catalog, a total of thirteen were massive blockbuster hits from the moment they hit screens. But sadly, that wasn't enough to keep the show going and the company eventually crumbled in 2011 after a series of flops. 

Luckily, however, Morgan Creek has returned with the key to success: showing us things we've already seen. Today the company is planning on rebooting itself with a new name (Morgan Creek Entertainment) and a remake of Ace Ventura, as Deadline reports.

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Of course, the movie won't be a complete copy of the first but is described as being "in the spirit" of the original with Jim Carrey.

As it goes, the studio hasn't ruled out the idea of asking the actor to pick up the cult role again while the producers are even considering making "a traditional single-camera series franchise."

Obviously, the remake alone won't be enough to bring the company back to life so the execs are thinking about giving more of its hit titles the reboot treatment on the big or small screen. Dead Ringers and Young Guns are among the movies being considered.