This Web Series Is Like Issa Rae's 'Awkward Black Girl,' But For Black Boys

That transition from 'student' to 'unemployed' hits you like a ton of bricks with absolutely no warning. It is a struggle that anyone can identify with, and finding your feet can take between one week and a lifetime. 

This is why shows like A Whole New Irving exists, to highlight and identify these issues and to remind us that we're not alone. 

(Photo: YouTube/A Whole New Irving)

The webseries follows a cynical and angst-ridden young black man, Irving, who can’t find employment after graduating university. After he begrudgingly takes a job at a health food store, he soon finds himself on a journey of spiritual enlightenment, self discovery, and improbable conflicts. 

Beyond being hilarious, the show creates a safe space for men to express themselves, especially in this world that purports hyper-masculinity and other patriarchal ideals. It also sheds the needed light on mental wellness and the stigma attached to talking about it, especially for black men.

As someone who practices meditation himself, the producer-director Terry Dawson wants this show to break down communication barriers and taboos, and turn the main character Irving into a relatable model for black men, just as Issa Rae did with Awkward Black Girl.

Watch the first episode below:

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