That 80s Inspired, Synth-Laden 'Stranger Things' Score Is Coming Out This Friday

Stranger Things has taken the world by storm, and its score has been one of its greatest legacies.

That 80s-inspired soundtrack has struck a nostalgic backbone, and at the request of fans Netflix have been somewhat forced to give this synth-laden music an official release.

It will come in two separate instalments, with the first arriving this Friday (August 12) and the second on August 19 – and a CD release will follow on September 19 and 23.

Check out an extended version of the opening sequence below.

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are the musicians behind this captivating score.

Their Austin-based band Survive came on board during the script-writing process and as a result knew little about the show, the two explain in an interview with the Guardian.


“We got started way before there was any footage to look at.”

Matt and Ross Duffer were however able to share with them the general mood of Stranger Things, such as a short synopsis and a brief character explanation.

Lending inspiration from the orchestral sounds of John Carpenter films (Halloween, They Live) the pair were able to come up with some pivotal themes and ideas.

And the end product is incredible. There is music for Dustin and his BMX gang; Nancy and her romantic affairs; and an ominous tone to encompass some of the more harrowing scenes.

The success of the show still hasn't sunk in for Stein and Dixon but they're overwhelmed to be working on such an exciting and critically-acclaimed project.

Although a second season is yet to be announced (or even approved), Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings has said that the company would be "dumb not to".

Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

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