Here's What Happens When 60,000 Medieval Warriors Face 300 Jedi

Just when you thought the internet couldn't get any more futile, a YouTuber by the name of SergiuHellDragoonHQ has gone viral with a clip simply titled "300 JEDI vs 60,000 FOOTMEN."

Using the magic of PC Game Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, the 30-minute-long (yup) clip pits a few hundred of Star Wars' most lethal fighters against hordes of medieval soldiers armed with swords. With pretty pitiful results for our human comrades.

Was simulating the battle totally necessary? Nope. But, for anyone that ever questioned the power of the lightsaber, just know that 300 Jedi can take on 60,000 footmen without breaking a sweat.

If that tickled your pickle, you should know that the world of internet battles presents endless opportunities including Jedi vs. US soldiers and even Jedi vs. Chuck Norris. But be warned: even our national hero's superhuman strength is no match for the Force. 

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