Zinédine Zidane Reportedly Wants To Sign Sadio Mané For Real Madrid

It’s no longer news that Zinédine Zidane is back as Real Madrid's manager. With a deal that says he’ll be in charge of the club until 2022, he’s already looking to bring in new stars – and there are reports he has his eyes on Liverpool’s Sadio Mané.

As someone who has long admired Mané, Zidane has always wanted to bring him under his wings. During his 2016 stint as the manager of Real Madrid, he made a move for the star. Unfortunately, he resigned before anything could come of it, and Mané ended up signing a new contract with Liverpool.

Well, Daily Mail reports that the interest has been reignited, and that new contract is the only thing standing between Zidane and Mané. Liverpool has Mané in a tight grip, and for good reasons: The 26-year-old has been perfoming incredibly well, recently winning February’s ‘Goal of the Month’ award.

We guess we'll just have to wait and see what the summer transfer window brings.

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