Watch A Surfer Break A World Record For Riding 'The Biggest Wave Ever Surfed'

Call it tides, call it timing but a monster wave from the Praia do Norte beach off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal, has managed to produce a world record for one daring Brazilian surfer.

The World Surf League has given 38-year-old Rodrigo Koxa the distinguished title after riding an 80-foot (24.38-metre) wave as part of their Quicksilver XXL Biggest Wave Award.

(Photo: Pedro Cruz via World Surf League)

Koxa's wave overtook the previous record of 78 feet (23.77 metres), which has been held by Garrett McNamara from America since 2011.

The record was announced at the groups Big Wave Awards in Santa Monica, California – where Koxa picked up the trophy and the $25,000 (£18,000, N9 million) prize for surfing the biggest wave of 2017.

His wave also broke the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave ever surfed. National Geographic says another surfer had "a close call with death" on the same day as the record-breaking wave.

"I'm just so happy and this is the best day of my life," Koxa said at the awards. "It’s a dream come true."

Nazare is on Portugal's Atlantic coast between Lisbon and Porto.

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