Twitter Hits Back At Fake 'Black Panther' Assault Tweets

Black Panther has been absolutely nailing it since hitting theaters last weekend. Crowds of people around the world have headed to cinemas to catch Marvel's latest blockbuster, which picked up $192 million in the States over just three days. Unfortunately, some racist trolls have tried to put a dampener on the film's enormous success – but to little avail. 

(Via Twitter)

As Indiewire reports, hoaxers took to Twitter over the weekend with photos and messages claiming they were victim to racially motivated assaults at Black Panther screenings. Of course all these claims are absolutely false and a quick 'Google Reverse Image' search shows that all the photos come from online articles about entirely unrelated stories. 

Apparently offended by the largely positive feedback from audiences and critics alike, a minority of racist, extremist trolls have also been attempting to alter the film's score on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. Twitter has, however, been fighting back, deleting all the offending images and the accounts that posted them. Some have even been banned from the social network.

In the meantime, the Twitter community has also hit back in the best way possible – by parodying the original messages with a heavy dose of satire. Check out the reactions below. 

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