This Cameroonian Non-Profit Is Building Fishing Boats From Plastic Bottles

With climate change becoming increasingly noticeable in everyday life, more and more people are becoming aware of the changes happening to our environment, and are trying to do their part to combat it.

Plastic has become very popular in a wide range of packaging due to its durability and versatility. However, plastic is detrimental to the environment when not recycled. Millions of plastic bottles and other containers are discarded in the environment, and this problem is amplified in developing countries, due to the common lack of proper recycling systems. Non-recycled plastic waste causes a variety of problems, from animals choking on plastic, to clogged sewage systems as the plastic waste blocks the flow of water thereby preventing proper drainage. 

Madiba & Nature, a non-profit organisation in Cameroon, works to ensure the conservation of nature and its biodiversity by constructing canoe-shaped crafts out of plastic bottles, which are used as fishing boats in rural communities in Cameroon. It was founded by Essome Ismael, who has been working on sustainable development for nearly two years. 

Their website states that:

"Through an environmental education system, we want to help change people's attitudes and bad habits about the management of plastic waste that degrades sensitive ecosystems."

The initiative not only helps to aid the environment by removing plastic waste, it also helps the fishermen in the area to make their living at a lower cost. 

Hopefully, Madiba & Nature's project kickstarts similar ventures around Africa, with people focusing on area-specific solutions to environmental issues.