How Surf Ghana Is Building A Vibrant Community Of Skateboarders & Surfers

Thanks to Surf Ghana, founded by Sandy Alibo, the skate scene in Ghana is booming!  Surf Ghana organized the first skate tour in West Africa which saw young skateboarders travel across Ghana – having fun and raising awareness for the beautiful sport.

(Photo: Arinzechukwu Patrick)

Alibo got the idea to start the collective after discovering Busua, an amazing fishermen village in Ghana. She fell in love with Busua and wanted to share it with other Ghanaians and people abroad. So, in 2016 she created an Instagram account and started sharing beautiful landscapes of Ghana and photos of surfing in Busua.

Since Surf Ghana started, their membership has been growing rapidly. Speaking with Konbini about how quickly the collective has developed, Alibo said:

“We received more than one thousand messages during the tour and among them, kids from everywhere in Ghana asked to join the collective as soon as possible so they can learn.

Every week they train more, convince friends and cousins to come and join the skate family. Our numbers increase daily in Ghana.”

Skateboarding is just as much a lifestyle as it is a sport; that’s why Surf Ghana is working to make it as exciting and African as possible. The collective came up with 'Noise' to show how this can be achieved. The project features a video contest with skateboarders grooving exclusively to afrobeat.

While Surf Ghana is working to overcome certain challenges, like some people regarding skateboarding as self-harm and the shortage of standard skating spots, it’s also looking to meet Nigeria's WAFFLESNCREAM skate crew and head out on a road trip with them. This will mean bringing a skate tour to Nigeria and we’re here for it!

Check out Surf Ghana on Instagram.

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